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Environmental Law, ES/ENVS 3420.03
York University, BES Program

Course Directors: David McRobert and Paul Muldoon

Brief Course Syllabus
Complete Course Syllabus
Supplementary Course Materials: John Livingston Lecture Series: ES-6111 (1988)



Attitudes About Sustainable Development in Yukon (1988)

Coming to Grips with the Economic Impact of 3Rs Programs: A Preliminary Assessment. (1992)

Economic Mechanisms to Promote 3R's in Ontario (1991)

The Environmental Registry, The Right to Request an Investigation and Environment Protection Actions under CEPA: Implementation Issues and Lessons From Experience with Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) (1999)

Greening Canada's Passenger Transportation Systems: The Environmental, Economic and Social Benefits of a National Rapid Train System for Canada (1990)

Institutional Capabilities for Resolving Bilateral Land Use Conflicts: A Bioregionalist Critique (2001)

Legal Liability Issues for Trail and Greenway Managers: An Overview of Canadian Laws (1993)

The Nuts, The Bolts And The Rest Of The Machinery: A Guide To And Update On Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights (2001)

Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario's 3Rs Sector: Emerging Issues and An Overview of the Workplace Health and Safety Agency (1994)

Ontario's Blue Box System: A Case Study of Government's Role in the Technological Change Process, 1970-1991 (1994)

Ontario Round Table on Environment and Economy II - Draft Submission to Standing Committee. Bill 26 -- An Act Respecting Environmental Rights in Ontario (1993)

Reforming Legislation and Regulations to Promote the 3Rs (1992)

The Temagami Crisis: A Critical Evaluation and Proposal for a Sustainable Future. A Report Prepared for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (1988)

"The right to hunt and fish as their ancestors did": Problems of Proof and Rules of Evidence in Litigation on Aboriginal Rights and Land Claims (1988)

Toward an International Climate Change Convention: An Advocate's Perspective (1991)

User Fees for Waste Management: Issues and Options (1994)

What Makes Nutrient Management So Controversial? London Swine Conference,
April 1 and 2, 2004.



Ontario's Blue Box Fiasco - Broadcast on CKLN Radio, May 1991

Geneva Climate Conference - CBC Radio Noon, Nov. 1990 - MP3

Reviews and Opinion

A Dismal Response: We must respond more adequately to the global challenge of
the World Conservation Strategy we helped to launch and then neglected.

A Poison Stronger Than Love: The Destruction of an Ojibwa Community. (1985)

Fair Trade: Reform and Realities in the International Trading System (1994)

Green Politics in Canada: The jury is still out on the future of the Canadian Greens (1985)

Hard Choices: A Life of Tom Berger (1987)

How Industry and Government Strangled Canada's Smog Plan (1991)

Not a Sentimental Journey: What's behind the VIA Rail Cuts, What You Can Do About It. (1991)

On global warming, Canada is full of hot air   Shouldn't this country do something to justify its international reputation by getting serious about greenhouse gases? (1991)

On MESsy Relationships and Other Paradoxes in the Faculty of Environmental Studies (1984)

Questionable Faith Environmentalists are linking up with unionists and other critics to oppose
the Free Trade Agreement and force the Federal Tories to hold an election. (1988)

Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for Environmental Harmony (1995)



Appendix 1: Public Participation for Environmental Protection in Ontario Prior to the EBR. (1996)

Appendix 2: EBR LEAVE TO APPEAL APPLICATIONS - July, 1995 to March, 2001

Appendix 3: Summaries of ECO Annual and Special Reports